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The top trainers in the SWWA region with the most collective academic and array of professional accomplishments available.

High-End Technology

We've got the best equipment, fitness and recovery technology, and facilities in the entire region. YOU can train + recover like a champion.

High-Level Education

Our training is remarkably different — we make sure to include educational curriculum in all of our plans.

Why TAP?

Efrain Sanchez, Thorbeckes General Manager

We talked with our performance coaches and many of our current athletes and asked what their ideal performance program would look like. There were many important factors that we heard.

First, they wanted high-level training that was made specifically for them. Many of our MLB guys talk highly of their hitting and position-specific coaches, but believe there is a huge lack of quality and individualization throughout their off-season and in-season program.

Same goes for our college athletes, they like lifting and training with their team, but their workouts are written for the masses, and not the individual.

This is something we are able to provide, athletes get to workout with each, in a high energy setting, while still working on their individualized program. Along with this comes quality and repeatable modes of analyzing performance and body composition.

Secondly, all of the athletes wanted high-level resources for recovery. Pacific Sports Spa has some of the most elite recovery technologies in the world. With NormaTec compression sleeves, GameReady and a HydroWorx underwater treadmill. These recovery tools allow athletes to stay healthy and bounce back quicker from workouts and games.

Lastly are the aspects of athletic performance that people often don’t think about, but they know they can help them. They would like to work on proper nutrition, improving the mental and leadership aspects of athletics, and extremely important but rarely trained in athletic vision.

These are the parts of training that excited the athletes we interviewed the most. These underutilized factors of performance are often the difference between success and failure.

What Does Our Training Program Look Like?

  • Thorbeckes Athletic Performance

    3-4 semi-private workouts per week (1:5 coach-to-athlete ratio)

    • Each athlete’s program is written specifically for them based off of their own goals and physical evaluation
    • Programs are written in 4 week increments
    • Includes unlimited supplementary stretching, arm care, range of motion, preventative workouts
    • Initial sports specific performance evaluation, and quarterly measurement beyond that
  • Pacific Sports Spa — Chehalis

    Usage of the Chehalis 

    • Unlimited usage of Normatech, Game Ready, HydroWorx underwater treadmill
    • Limit 2 cryotherapy sessions a week 
  • Initial Power Testing Metrics and quarterly measurements.
  • Initial Body composition measurement (BodPod), and quarterly measurement after that.
  • Intermittent motivational, goal setting, and athletic presentations to help athletes with the mental side of athletic development.

Athletic Recovery

Pacific Sports Spa is a state of the art recovery facility containing world-class equipment including NormaTec, GameReady, Cryotherapy, Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill and more. Our equipment reduces inflammation, promotes circulation and stimulates tissue repair.

About Pacific Sports Spa

Pacific Sports Spa locations a premier athletic recovery facilities located in Chehalis and Tumwater, Washington.  Learn more about Pacific Sports Spa here.


Performance & Functional Testing

Sport-Specific Metrics That Matter

Testing can include:

— Sprint Test
— Vertical Jump
— Broad Jump
— Lateral MB Throw
— MB Squat Toss
— Functional Movement Screen
— L-Drill

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