TAP Athletes Around the Country

Andrew Pullin

Centralia High School, Philadelphia Phillies: Baseball

“Efrain and his team at TAP have been essential in my progression of becoming an overall better athlete. At TAP, with their experience and knowledge, I have become a stronger, and more durable athlete so that I can compete at the highest level possible through the long baseball season.”

Hodges Bailey

Centralia High School, Masters University, Lewis & Clark State College: Basketball

“I began training at TAP from the time it started. Since the time I began, I have consistently improved my explosiveness, quickness, and overall athleticism while still putting on muscle weight. I saw my body fat percentage go down while I gained muscle weight. I am now playing college basketball and would not be anywhere close to the player I am today without the help of TAP.”

Baylee Olsen

Wahkiakum High School, Saint Martin’s University, Cal-State San Marcos: Basketball

“The transition between high school sports and college sports is a whole different level. From succeeding in high school to then struggling my first year in college, I knew I had to put in extra work on top of what I was already doing to get better. I was told that I was too slow on the defensive end to see any more than 10-15 minutes per game. This also hurt my confidence as a basketball player. After the season, I was discouraged. Then I was pointed in the direction of Thorbeckes Athletic Performance. I talked with Efrain Sanchez about my story and my will to get better. He put together a plan for me based on what I wanted to improve on, and we worked together 2-3 times a week over the course of the summer. He was very motivating to me the entire process, picking up my confidence along the way. It was nice having someone who wanted to see me succeed. I felt comfortable and welcomed in the facility from the first time I walked in the door. I am beyond fortunate for Efrain to have pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever do. I ended up receiving the Most Improved Award from my team the following year, breaking two GNAC records over the course of the season, as well as earning a starting spot over time. I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without the training from Total Athlete Performance. Every session is worth it. You will see improvement, that is a promise. I plan on continuing my training at TAP each summer, and am forever grateful for all they have done and will continue to do for me as an athlete.”

Jessica McKay

WF West High School, Boise State University: Softball

“After coming off of ACL surgery, a month later I got the chance to begin my very successful recovery working out three times a week with Efrain and Danny. In the beginning, I couldn’t bend or straighten my knee all the way. In just over two months I am able to straighten my leg all the way and the bend is very close to back to normal. I am heading to Boise State University as a student-athlete to play softball. TAP has prepared me with the recovery of my knee for better balance, speed, muscle mass, and endurance. Their very special technique of working the different muscles that aren’t used on a daily basis will help me in the weight room as I work out in college. Their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a student-athlete were extremely beneficial in my recovery. I would recommend TAP to anyone looking for better performance as an athlete or just looking to better your Health and fitness.”

Aaron Pullin

Centralia High School, Eastern Washington University: Track and Field

“My name is Aaron Pullin I am a decathlete at Eastern Washington University. I have been training at Thorbeckes Athletic Performance for more than 8 years now. Being a decathlete, I use strength, power and endurance and training at TAP I had access to all the equipment that I needed. on top of that, I had great trainers that would remind me of the correct ways to do things like proper lifting technique, so I wouldn’t end up hurting myself. Being hurt is no joke I’ve been trained by many coaches and trainers and I’ve never come close to a more preventative program than what TAP has to offer.”

Brock Jones

WF West High School, University of Washington Commit: Baseball

“I enjoy working out at TAP more than any other place because the workouts are designed for your sport and not just regular workout. They customize the workouts so you build muscle and can compete in your sport. I have seen a great increase in my strength and agility since starting TAP and it has helped me to become a better athlete. TAP has a very flexible schedule. The trainers are knowledgeable and organized but fun at the same time. TAP is always upgrading their equipment so have what we need for our best workout.”

Erika Brumfield

WF West High School, Portland State Commit: Basketball

“I’ve been doing TAP since my freshman year, and throughout the years it has helped me excel my game. The trainers at TAP have pushed me to reach goals that I did not think I could reach. The staff at TAP is supportive and encouraging throughout the entire workout. TAP has not only helped me become physically stronger but allowed me to strengthen my mental game as well. TAP is a huge factor that helped me achieve my dream of signing to a division 1 basketball program, and I can’t thank them enough.”